Taco T-Shirts and Free Tacos

Taco T-shirts: For the Love of Tacos!

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The United States has long been described as a melting pot of numerous cultures. Now, the US is more aptly described as a salad bowl, with each culture standing out as a unique ingredient that brings its own flavor to the mix rather than melting into a uniform dish. Cultures bring with them their unique foods, styles of clothing, languages, religions, and more.

The array of restaurants with cuisines from around the world within any given large city in the US showcases just how many opportunities there are for Americans to get a taste of another country without ever having to leave their own.


Backyard Taco is no exception, as we have a lot to bring to the table, namely, an authentic version of the popular taco, a traditional Mexican dish that has come to take many forms in restaurants within the US.

While there are many restaurants and drive-thrus known for their fast-food-style tacos, Backyard Taco is known for authentic Mexican-style food. Our love for tacos literally started in the backyard of Ruben and Marisela, two natives of Mazatlan, Mexico, and each recipe is crafted to reflect the authenticity of cultural Mexican food. Now, the restaurant that started in a backyard has been voted best in the Valley area multiple times. If you are looking for a meal that will transport your taste buds to a different country and culture entirely, look no further than Backyard Taco.

History of Tacos

There have been many arguments over the course of recent years as to which culture can actually claim to be responsible for the invention of the taco. A lot of people believe that the tortilla, which is the base component of the taco, originated in what is now Mexico around five thousand years ago. These early tortillas were believed to be made of corn rather than flour, which has since become a popular form of tortillas in the United States, although you can still find corn tortillas in most authentic Mexican restaurants. In the early days of the beginning of the tortilla, it was used in multiple ways, including as a flatbread and also as a scoop or spoon-type material to eat other foods.

Tortillas themselves can be used in a variety of ways for numerous dishes. From burritos to pinwheel sandwiches to quesadillas and more, there is an endless array of ways to turn tortillas into a meal with a little creativity. Tacos would not be tacos without the delicious addition of the tortilla, and because of that, they were attributed to Mexico. However, the filling of tacos can vary in regards to what protein is used, what types of vegetables are used, and more. It is with the choices of fillings that there are most cultural differences.

In America, the concept of tacos has been adapted to create recipes that are unique and quite different from the idea of what the basic taco started out as. Some restaurants are famous for their spaghetti tacos, others for their variety of breakfast tacos, and some restaurants even offer special dessert tacos. However, at Backyard Taco, we know that nothing will ever beat the fresh flavors of authentic Mexican tacos.

What Makes Tacos Unique?

Arguably, the best thing about tacos is how customizable they are. Whether you are trying to navigate around a food allergy or intolerance, incorporate some different elements of the food pyramid, or simply build a meal that includes various types of ingredients, tacos can provide the answer.

At restaurants like Backyard Taco that allow you to build your own taco, the combinations are virtually endless. You can eat the same meal every day while including totally different elements. Tacos are known for their variety of toppings, including numerous vegetables and salsas. Swap these around and you can have numerous options to choose from – and the best part is, many are healthy!

Anatomy of a Taco

Backyard Taco Anatomy

Tacos are primarily composed of two main elements: the shell and the filling. When it comes to the shell, you may choose from several options. Some people prefer a crunchy tortilla, while others prefer a soft one. As far as the type of tortilla you want, you can choose between flour and corn. Each type of tortilla brings a distinctive taste and texture to the dish and is completely up to you.

The filling of a taco can be anything you wish for it to be. Some of the options we offer at Backyard Taco include :


  • Chicken
  • Steak
  • Birria
  • Al Pastor


  • Cabbage
  • Diced red onion
  • Red tomato sauce
  • Onion
  • Cilantro

Backyard Taco Services

At Backyard Taco, we take pride in creating authentic, tasty Mexican food with a good reputation in the community. We offer a variety of services, such as dine-in, carry-out, delivery, and catering. Our extensive menu offers a wide array of options, including tacos, burritos, chips and salsa, quesadillas, gorditas, tostadas, sides, and more. We also have a menu of cultural drinks such as horchata, limonada, Mexican cola, and more.

Our catering services allow you to bring the tasteful delights of Backyard Taco to your own backyard! You can choose to have a full taco bar with your choice of tortillas, meats, and toppings or smaller packaged options if your party is not quite as large. Cultural desserts and drinks can be added to your catering order as well, creating a fun and festive time for all.

Check out our menu to learn more about what you can expect in our restaurant, as well as how you can plan to have Backyard Taco cater your next event. When you bring tasty, authentic food to your party, you will leave an impression on your guests for a long time to come!

Backyard Taco Locations

Backyard Taco became such a popular place for our rich, authentic food that we have had to open multiple locations.

We currently have restaurants in the following locations:

Even though each location is unique, you can always expect quality Mexican food every time you visit Backyard Taco. We take the quality of our tacos very seriously and strive to make sure that each dish is crafted with care and precision.

Backyard Taco Merchandise: T-shirts!

At Backyard Taco, we have found that customers love to show their support for our delicious tacos and authentic Mexican food in general by sporting custom merchandise. We currently offer an array of custom taco t-shirts that showcase the love of tacos. Each shirt is $14.95 and is made from soft cotton fabric.

These taco gifts will make anyone’s day!

Chandler Lunchadores T-shirt

Chandler luchadores


This shirt is for the local Chandler taco-eaters. It is super fun to wear in support of your favorite lunchtime meal: tacos! Let everyone in the Chandler area know that Backyard Tacos is the spot for local, authentic tacos.

Gilbert Lunchadores T-shirt

Gilbert Luchadores


Gilbert locals, make sure to get your location-specific t-shirt in support of tacos today! If you love your local Gilbert Backyard Tacos, show your support in the clothes you wear.

Mesa Lunchadores T-shirt

Mesa Lunchadores T-shirt


If you are from the Mesa area, grab a unique Mesa Lunchadores shirt to show your support. We have multiple Mesa locations in North, South, and East Mesa. Show your support for the greater Mesa area by sporting one of these location-specific shirts!

Dia de Tacos T-shirt

Dia de Tacos


With this shirt, you can show your support for Taco Day every day! Making a play on the holiday of the Day of the Dead, this funny taco t-shirt will make everyone who passes you laugh.

Queen Creek Lunchadores T-shirt

Queen Creek Lunchadores T-shirt


This shirt is for Queen Creek locals who love their nearby Backyard Taco. Show your Queen Creek friends the best spot in town for a taco by choosing to wear a Backyard Taco shirt!

Taco Girl T-shirt

Taco Girl T-shirt


Sport this artsy t-shirt that reveals an undying love for tacos and the strength of femininity. Better yet, feel comfortable while doing so!

These t-shirts have fun, artistic designs that are not only enjoyable to wear but also come with great perks! Aside from the excitement of knowing you are wearing a shirt about tacos, you will also receive a free taco when you wear one of Backyard Tacos t-shirts into the restaurant! This applies to any location, meaning that your investment into a fun t-shirt goes well beyond just getting a shirt.


Why You Need a Backyard Taco T-shirt

There are multiple ways that a Backyard Taco t-shirt can enhance your life. Some of our shirts are funny taco shirts, while others depict strong, artistic images. Whatever your style is, know that there is a Backyard Taco t-shirt for you. Some of the most compelling reasons to buy a Backyard Taco t-shirt include the following.

They Are So Comfortable!

Some days, it is nice to wake up and put on clothes that you know will be comfortable to wear all day long. What better garment to be comfortable in than a t-shirt? Backyard Taco t-shirts are made from comfortable cotton and range in size from youth small to adult XXXL. This means that anyone can happily sport the taco shirt of their choice. The only thing better than being comfortable is being comfortable while also representing something you love.

You Can Represent What You Love

What you wear is out there for everyone to see, and what better image to show people than images that portray the fun of Mexican cuisine? Backyard Taco has a wide range of t-shirts that are all different in design, meaning that there is one to fit everyone’s personality. Whether you want to match with your friends or stand out completely, there is a taco t-shirt calling your name!

You Will Get Free Tacos!

Free food is the best gift of all gifts. When you buy a Backyard Taco, you are investing in many future meals for yourself because when you wear your Backyard Taco t-shirt to any restaurant location at any time, you get a free taco! This also makes a great gift idea for your friends and family because, with one t-shirt, you will be giving them the gift of tacos for years to come.

How To Get Your Backyard Taco T-Shirt Today

Backyard Taco Exclusive Taco T-Shirts

All Backyard Taco merchandise is available to view and purchase in our online taco merch store at any time. Simply go to our shop, browse through the options, and try your best to pick just one (although you may just need one of each). Then, make your purchase!

We also have various styles, some not available online, at each of our stores. So, be sure to check out what taco t-shirts we have in stock next time you visit your local Backyard Taco.

Gifts for Taco Lovers

Do you have a friend who is obsessed with tacos? Maybe a family member who loves Mexican food? What better way to show your love and appreciation for them than by gifting them with a Backyard Taco t-shirt? Finding the right gift for someone special on their birthday or a holiday can sometimes be difficult. However, you really can’t go wrong with a taco t-shirt. Our shirts are comfortable and unique, and they come in multiple designs, making them the perfect gift for anyone!

Our shirts can fit anyone in the family, from kids to adults, according to unisex sizing measurements. Kids, teens, and adults all love t-shirts, especially when that t-shirt can get them free food! Remember: when you wear a Backyard Taco t-shirt to any of our locations at any time, you will receive a free taco. That means that when you give the gift of a Backyard Taco t-shirt, you are really giving multiple gifts in one!

Visit a Backyard Taco Location Today!

Backyard Taco Staff

Whether you are hungry for a snack to get you through the afternoon or in need of a filling meal, head on over to Backyard Taco for an authentic Mexican taco, burrito, Bueno Bowl, Papa Loca, or something else. We also offer delivery and carry-out for those critical moments when you just cannot leave work or home, or even if you want to send a meal to a friend. Our menu has a variety of tasteful options that can satisfy your appetite and deepen your love for tacos.

Take a visit to one of our locations or place an order today. You will not regret it!