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Bill Radke
Bill Radke
This is my first time here and it was amazing! I will definitely be back!
Food was delicious right down to the tortillas. The tortillas are authentic and the meat is grilled perfectly with great flavor. The sauce bar is awesome too with real salsa. Some of them are quite spicy and might actually roast somebody's mouth lol.
Mark Papala
Mark Papala
Didn’t know what to expect but this place is so good. Birria tacos were amazing and the taco bar was great. Check it out
Phil Florian
Phil Florian
Awesome food and service. 1st time here itcwas nice and clean. Had the steak quasadilla and it was fantastic. Whish I had one of these in my area
Pedro Diaz
Pedro Diaz
Excellent Mexican Fare, fresh and delicious.

I got 2 pastor tacos and 1 chicken and they were SO good! I loved the self-serve sauce bar and the different salsas were all delicious. I was particularly impressed that there was pineapple with the pastor. Would definitely recommend.

Alberta, 5 Star Yelp Review

Wow that was just amazing. My Uncle just moved down to Mesa, and he came across Backyard Taco on the local TV morning news show. They went there for lunch and said it was a must. FRESH Fire Roasted Tomato’s, all the meat is cooked over a fire grill and chopped. We go this Crazy Steak Potato. It’s this big ball of mashed baked potato with sour cream and cheese topped with the fine chopped cabbage, tomatoes, steak and rice. 5 of out 5.

James H., 5 Star Yelp Review

First time coming to Backyard Taco but it certainly won’t be my last. I was recommended this place by a coworker who raved about the Al Pastor and the spicy salsa. Today I got two Al Pastor tacos and one Carne Asada taco on flour and an assortment of salsa for the salsa bar. The Al Pastor was good but I preferred the Carne Asada tacos much more. The meat was flavorful and with the salsa and a hint of lime juice it was perfection! The vibe here was one of my favorite things about the place. Put this place on your must try list
FYI the orange salsa is straight up fire!

Kenneth R., 5 Star Yelp Review

If I was a taco…

Ok, I suppose I could finish that sentence in so so SO many ways (some good and some maybe not-so-good)… but for this review, it’s going to be good. If I was a taco, then I’d want to be an asada taco from Backyard Taco!

Super delish! I have actually tried all of their different tacos and you really can’t go wrong with any of them (depending on your craving when you visit).

And the chips are a must-order menu item as well… because their salsa bar is what salsa dreams are made of (at least I have heard this from people who have salsa dreams… but my dreams are of tacos).

Relatively quick service, even at their busiest of times. You’re likely going to be eating outside, so be prepared… but they do have plenty of covered outdoor seating to choose from!

In the Valley (i.e. the valley of taco restaurants), Backyard Taco is on its way toward achieving “institution” status. It is always a treat for me to visit!

Mike D., 5 Star Yelp Review

Best tacos in Mesa. (Seriously, they’ve been voted best tacos 6 years in a row!) Family owned and operated, they’ve come a long way from LITERALLY serving tacos from their backyard. Service is CRAZY fast, and the food is consistently delicious.

Where’s my maracas?! They have a salsa bar that will satisfy your spicy tooth: pico de gallo, red/green salsa, aguacate, cucumbers, and lime. Mouth waters

Pastor and carne asada steak tacos are my go to, and I always get it on a flour tortilla. The horchata drink is so good (horchata=rice milk with cinnamon and sugar, if you don’t know YOU BETTA ASK SOMEBODY!) They also prove their authenticity with ice cold Coke in a bottle, because there’s just something different about the taste of bottled Coke that goes perfect with tacos.

The setup is cute, trendy, and lots of seating. Even in the AZ heat, seating under the covered patio with misters is actually tolerable. This place can get very busy, crowded, but the line moves fast. Parking lot is small and can get tight, so try to carpool!

Check in on Yelp, and get a free order of chips and salsa. ORALE!

Jennifer W., 5 Star Yelp Review

Wow! What a great local find! Noticed this little place going in a few months ago. I have been there twice in two days. The food is super fresh and the salsas are great. The carne asada is on point, the chicken is tender. Authentic Mexican street tacos and gorditas. Try it, it won’t disappoint.

Kim T. from Mesa, AZ

Back Yard Taco is a beautiful place obviously created with much love. There is a beautiful outdoor patio with misters. I had a chicken taco and the crazy potato. Both were equally delicious. There is a salsa bar where you can load up with whatever pleases you. The people are very friendly and helpful for someone who doesn’t know one thing from another and the food was served quickly. The owners should be proud of their back yard taco.

Frances M. from Mesa, AZ

The tacos were good but the concept and originality of this spot is great. Quick service, friendly staff small but tasty salsa bar.

Joe P. from Laguna Beach, CA

BEST MEXICAN FOOD IN MESA! I love the carne asada quesadillas. I seriously feel like I’m on the beach in Mexico. And the horchata is to die for. It’s REAL horchata which a lot of places don’t offer. It’s perfectly sweet and milky, I’m obsessed. Plus, the owners are so friendly and welcoming. The whole staff strives to keep the environment clean and enjoyable for you. Definitely recommend.

Mariana S. from Mesa, AZ

The food was amazing!!! The papa loca was crazy good. And the grilled Gordita? Man was it tasty. Their horchata rocks also. I’ll be back – and often!

Kris G. from Mesa, AZ

Amazing, authentic Mexican food! The papa loca and the stuffed quesadillas are my favorite, both the carne asada and chicken are delicious! The little taqueria is very clean and bright. The food is of great quality yet not expensive! Always great service and helpful staff.

McKelle B. from Mesa, AZ

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