Whatever Happened to Dinner and a Movie in Mesa? Backyard Taco Knows

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If you were to ask anyone born before 1980-something when the last time they went to dinner and a movie, they’d likely have a response that included where they ate, what they saw and whether it was worth the experience. But for the Gen-Yers, also known as Millennials, ask the same question (if you dare). More than likely, you’ll get laughed at, just for asking, or be greeted with a deer-in-the-headlights look as if dinner and a movie was a concept from another planet. In a way, for that generation, it is. More than unfortunate, dinner and a movie in Mesa is not only a dying art but serves as a microcosm for the entire country. How could something so classically American, move towards dinosaur status?

Entertainment Needs Have Shifted

What was once mesmerizing to audiences from coast to coast has changed. The allure of cinema silver screens has faded. Whether it be from increased pricing in theater tickets, concessions or the cost of a night out overall, packed film houses that once required hour-long lines to get in aren’t the norm and haven’t been that way for years.

Much of the change could be from the loss of perceived value. Human behavior does have some commonality when it comes to how we value a product or service. The moment something comes on the market that is either, exclusive or is available only for a limited time, people tend to stop, take notice and seldom question its value. In fact, we likely give the product or service more value because of it. The same mindset is what led moviegoers to do just that – go to the movies.

But with cable channels offering first run films (with a delay on airing) at a much lesser price than movie houses and online streaming networks offering their own quality, original productions, the genre of film has lost its luster to some. And for Gen-Yers, perhaps it was never there.

Sadly, Socialization Has Gone to a Different Kind of Screen

With short attention-spans now a cultural expectation, consumers are drawn to multiple media devices as the means to be entertainment-fulfilled, on their schedules and available, at a moment’s notice. The movie theaters cannot provide this type of convenience. But here’s what’s missing on Friday and Saturday nights across neighborhoods near you.

Real Connection Happens with No Distractions

According to The Verge, no other film screen medium can come close to watching it movies in a theater.

Here’s why:

  • Dolby or digital sound system
  • Forced focal point
    • All mobile devices are turned off
    • No distractions (other than popcorn)
  • Shared experience with other people

There’s something to be said about feeling emotions collectively, with others (even strangers), that happens when you go to the movies. It could be laughter from a great line in a comedy, or tears from a touching moment that the audience can relate to, but the purpose of film is to engage intelligence and/or feelings together, that can be shared and relived through conversation. Depending on the nature of the film, it can also help to raise awareness about a subject or consciousness.

We could all benefit from that every now and then.

And then there’s that dinner before or after the movie…

Resurrect Relationships with a Street Taco or Two

The stage has been set on why people need to elevate their on-screen experiences and head to a movie house. Seeing the latest film either on its release date or soon thereafter is meant to be the conversation starter of a grander evening out. Because you can’t talk during the movie; and, if you’re sitting in the theatre with a date that you’re not interested in talking to, maybe you need to find another date. But whatever you do, don’t scrimp on the supper.

A shared meal with a movie provides the opportunity to decompress from social media, work, or family life and reconnect with one another on a real level, without distraction.

With the scrumptious food offerings at Backyard Taco in Mesa, there’s no reason to skip on the perfect date night. With our real street tacos, burrito bowls, crazy potatoes and other authentic, mesquite-grilled and mouthwatering Mazatlan fare, affordably priced and oh-so-delicioso, dinner and a movie in Mesa at our Stapley location isn’t just a great idea, it’s the perfect partnership!