Family Dinner Date Night at Backyard Taco

Family Dinner Date Night at Backyard Taco

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For any type and size of family, a recipe for fun is a dinner date night out. Across every culture, food is a communal event, and meeting over a delicious meal is the perfect way to get out of the house and spend some quality time with other people. The best way to set the mood for an evening of fun is by picking a restaurant with the perfect atmosphere. Backyard Taco can provide you with delicious food made with fresh ingredients and our secret recipes that are sure to add excitement to any night.

Family Dinner Date Night

In today’s busy world, every member of a family often has multiple events they must each attend. Students have school and homework obligations, not to mention extracurricular activities, and parents have careers to worry about, as well as other obligations. In the chaotic schedule of the workweek and event-packed weekends, it can mean that families don’t get to spend as much quality time together as they wish.

The perfect remedy for this situation is to plan a family date night where the whole family can get together and spend an evening reconnecting and catching up on each other’s busy lives. However, going to the same old restaurants with the same food can become a boring routine really fast, and one of the most important components to a family date night is that it is exciting and something to look forward to. A busy family may be looking for a new family dinner restaurant that will provide new food experiences, with menu items made from the best, high-quality, fresh ingredients. For those tired of the same old burger and fries, Mexican food is the perfect solution to keep the family dinner date night something to look forward to and offers something for everyone.

Family Dinner Date Ideas

Family Dinner Date IdeasDinner is a central part of a whole family date night experience. And, whether you are starting an exciting night with an authentic Mexican dinner or ending on a meal after a fun-filled day together, Backyard Taco is the perfect component to the quality time spent together.

Below are some family dinner date activities that pair perfectly with dinner at Backyard Taco:

Check Out a Museum

One fun thing to do as a family before or after a meal during a family date is to explore a museum. There are many kid-friendly museums that have something special for people of all ages. It is never too early or too late to explore and learn new things, and a family exploring learning together is a fulfilling experience. For families with older children, art museums are a way to explore different time periods and different cultures. Universities and local artists often have events that display artwork, and with a little research, you may find unique works of art found nowhere else in the world. What a perfect adventure to go along with a delicious Backyard Taco meal.

Take a Dance Class

A fun activity that many families may have never thought about doing together is taking a dance class. There may be local dance classes in your area that are friendly for the whole family. Once everyone is done with the dancing, they are sure to have worked up quite an appetite, and Backyard Taco is the perfect place to fill your hungry bellies.

Make Art or Pottery Together

There are many businesses that cater to making art and pottery that a family can make together. DIY art studios are becoming more and more popular every day, and it is a fun way to put your family’s creativity into crafting something special that will last long after the family dinner date night is over. What a perfect way to create special presents for the grandparents, or better yet, include them in on the family date night too.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a new activity that is becoming a craze across the country. Virtual reality arcades are opening up where the whole family can use the latest technology to virtually explore places, fight off enemy evil robots, or even learn about new cultures. What better way to keep the cultural experiences going than taking the fun to a local Backyard Taco and enjoying delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine!

An Escape Room

Another event the whole family can enjoy and put their brains to the test is trying to find their way out of an escape room. Escape room businesses are always changing their room themes with new games and puzzles to solve, so they are always worth checking out, even if you’ve been there before. However, who knows how long it will take to escape, so it is best to fill everyone up first with homemade Mexican dinners at Backyard Taco.

A Family-Friendly Dining Experience

Backyard Taco’s menu includes something for every member of your family in a fun atmosphere. We even have family packs large enough to feed the whole family all in one easy order! They include one pound of the protein of your preference, 16 tortilla shells, and our delicious homemade salsa. The meat options include mesquite-grilled carne asada, shredded beef, chicken, or pork. Don’t worry if the family can’t agree. You can split the types of meat in your order, too.

For those family members craving an authentic taco, our street tacos are the perfect solution. The carne asada and pollo tacos are lightly seasoned and topped off with diced cabbage and red onion. You even have your choice of corn or flour tortillas. For the more adventurous, there is even a taco marinated with pineapple. This taco, called the Al Pastor, also includes chilis, garlic, cloves and is topped off with onions and diced cabbage. Our philosophy is, after all, to live every day like it’s Taco Tuesday. If tostadas, burritos, or gorditas are more your style, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too. Our extensive menu includes many varieties of each.

If the little ones are picky eaters, there are plenty of options sure to satisfy their hunger, as well. These options include simple items such as cheese quesadillas made with Monterey jack cheese or a simple handmade bean and cheese burrito or tostada.

For parents on a diet, there are Bueno Bowls, both available with or without meat. These bowls are light on the calories but big on the taste, all while keeping your hunger satisfied. Many of our bowls are made with fresh beans, a healthy, low-carb alternative to meat. For the vegetarians in the family, there are plenty of options, all flavored with our fresh Pico de Gallo, guacamole salsa, and our secret red sauce that gives you a unique taste experience you won’t find anywhere else in Arizona.

Papa Loca (Aka Crazy Potato)

Birria Crazy PotatoAnother menu item we are famous for is our Papa Loca (crazy potato). These potatoes are loaded to the max, with your choice of grilled meat or a vegetarian option. We even have a specialty Birria Potato, which is covered in shredded beef, diced red onions, and cilantro. Of course, we never forget the butter or sour cream. We are sure you won’t find potatoes like this anywhere else in the Southwest.

Salsa for Everyone

Salsa for EveryoneMain dishes are important to your meal, but the side dishes are what can make or break a meal. At Backyard Taco, our Chips and Salsa and specialty salsa bar won’t disappoint. The difference is that we make our salsas with one hundred percent fresh ingredients. When done right, antioxidant and fiber-rich salsas are the perfect healthy side dish to add flavor without all the bad stuff found in canned items and the dull flavor of frozen ingredients.

The Best Mexican Dinner Restaurants in Arizona

The Best Mexican Dinner Restaurants in ArizonaIf you’re wondering where the best restaurants near me for dinner are, then look no further than Backyard Taco. We currently have four locations (and growing!), and each one offers a fun, unique experience. We are located in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa South, and Mesa North in Arizona. If you’re asking yourself where the best indoor or outdoor dining near me is, then look no further than Backyard Taco.

Our atmosphere puts the spice back into family dinner date night, and our vibrant menu keeps you and your family’s energy levels up to the max. You can enjoy our food during family dinner date night by dining in or by ordering online from any of our four locations. We also sell t-shirts in our shop, so everyone in the family can get a souvenir of the night they won’t soon forget.

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