Gift Ideas for Taco Lovers

The Art of Giving: Taco Lovers’ Edition

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With the holidays coming up around the corner, ‘tis the season to start brainstorming gift lists for all the important people in your life. Sometimes, this can feel like a huge undertaking – it can even be a bit stressful because you might not know what to gift people who are outside of your immediate circle of friends and family. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of Backyard Taco gift ideas guaranteed to fit all the people for whom you might be struggling to find the perfect gift.

Gift Ideas for Taco Lovers

Taco lovers can be easy to shop for because anything taco-related will be the ideal way to their hearts! At Backyard Taco, our taco lovers are the reason we continue to do what we do – and why we have created a collection of awesome T-shirts to give as holiday gifts for the taco lover in your life. They can sport their taco-tastic T-shirt every time they come into Backyard Taco, and as an added bonus, they’ll even be able to redeem a free taco with their order.

Dia de Tacos
Taco Girl T-Shirt
Fight for Tacos

Help the taco lover in your life celebrate Taco Tuesday with our ultrasoft “Dia de los Tacos” T-shirt. Or, let the people know when you’re feeling a bit hangry with our favorite “Will Fight for Tacos” T-shirt. Both of these styles make awesome gifts for your favorite taco lover and will be sure to become their new favorite T-shirt.

Chandler luchadores
Gilbert Luchadores
Queen Creek Luchadores T-Shirt

If you’d like to showcase your community spirit, we’ve got something for you: our Chandler Luchadores and Gilbert Luchadores shirts! These unique shirts enable you to give a gift that will show off your Arizona pride. The taco lovers in our community are why we founded Backyard Taco, and we think you’ll find that this design is a perfect present for someone else who wants to show off how much they love tacos and their community!

Another idea could be to treat them to a taco dinner date. Whether you’re going ultra-romantic or just heading out for a friendly evening, you can enjoy a delicious taco dinner at Backyard Taco with your taco-loving companion. Keep in mind, too, that a taco date doesn’t even have to mean leaving the house. You also have the option to stay in with your loved one or loved ones and enjoy your tacos in the comfort of your home. Stay cozy and happy with a full tummy of tasty tacos with takeout or catering services from Backyard Taco.

Catering Taco Bar

If your taco lover has a go-big-or-go-home style, consider throwing them a Backyard Taco catered party for the holidays. Invite as many people as you want to enjoy tasty tacos and other authentic Mexican dishes. A catered fiesta is fun for everyone, especially when it’s been thrown on behalf of a special taco lover. It’s also a great way to get people together during the busy holiday season when everyone has a jam-packed schedule. Let us take care of the delicious details and bring our best tacos to the party for everyone to enjoy!

Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Coworkers can be hard to shop for because many of us don’t know what our coworkers like to do outside of the workplace. However, the easiest way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. That means food gift cards or food-centered gifts are usually a good option.

A Backyard Taco gift card is a great choice for a coworker who works or lives in the local Mesa, Chandler, Queen Creek, or Gilbert areas. You could even pair it with a gift card from a local Gilbert or Mesa dessert spot to make an entire giftable meal for your coworker. Backyard Taco is proud to be a part of the local community in the Valley, and we want to continue to support our neighbors.

Or, you might want to consider that the best coworker gifts are often the funny gifts that make day-to-day office life a little bit brighter.

Backyard Taco Gift Card

Give your coworkers something that will bring a smile to their face all year long: customized mugs are a great option, or gift your coworkers with a humorous taco shirt straight from our shop.

If your office is hosting a white elephant gift exchange, you’ll need a gift for someone you don’t know. Our Backyard Tacos t-shirts make great white elephant gifts!

Gift Ideas for Church Friends

The fellow members of your church congregation are often some of your closest friends. When thinking of gift-giving around the Christmas holiday season, there are a couple of ways to give a great gift to your brothers and sisters. If you have one or two people you’re shopping for, a prayer journal or journal for devotions is an excellent option. They can use it all year long and grow in their relationship with Christ.

Burrito Trays

If you want to give gifts to a larger group of congregants, you might want to consider organizing a catered party. At Backyard Taco, we offer easy and straightforward catering options for parties of all sizes and occasions. Backyard Taco catered fiestas are a surefire way to celebrate the holidays and enjoy fellowship with your church during the festive season.

Gift Ideas for Neighbors

Giving gifts to your neighbors during the holidays is a great way to show your appreciation for those around you. Though neighbor relationships can often remain surface level, giving a great gift to those who live around you is a way to continue to form a positive relationship. Treat your neighbors well, and you’ll soon have someone to call the next time you aren’t home to receive a package. Some small home decor items, such as a fantastic-smelling candle, are marvelous gift choices to pair with a Backyard Taco gift card for your favorite neighbor.

If you have a community within your neighborhood that you want to celebrate with, consider a block party with catering from Backyard Taco. Or, you can host a group dinner at a restaurant if you’d prefer to gather indoors. Backyard Taco is an easy choice for hosting your next dinner party. With our extensive menu, everyone can find something they love.

Celebrate With Great Food

Mexican food can be a great cuisine for larger groups where there might be different food allergies or preferences. There are tons of options for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free individuals, or picky eaters. Let the staff know ahead of time that you will be coming with a big group, and we will take care of the rest. Come in and enjoy delicious Mexican food with your neighborhood friends!

Gift Ideas for School Teachers

School teachers are often an under-appreciated group. They do so much every day for their students and always appreciate recognition or gifts during the holiday season. A thoughtful teacher-themed gift could be something like an awesome pack of pens or writing utensils they can use throughout the year or a piece of decor for their classroom that they won’t get for themselves.

Another great gift idea for your child’s school teacher is offering to organize and fund the class’s holiday party for the year. Oftentimes, the holiday party planning and funding fall to the teacher on top of teaching during those busy last weeks of school. Parents and administrators coming together to organize the party details, like food and decor, is a huge help. Backyard Taco has a catering menu with several options for all types of people and is an excellent choice to cater a school holiday party. Get in touch with us to learn more about menu options and food options for those with dietary restrictions.

If you’re looking for a smaller gift to give to several teachers within the school, Backyard Taco gift cards are a go-to. Who doesn’t like a gift card to get some delicious tacos? Our gift cards come in several monetary denominations and can be customized to fit your gift-giving needs.

The Beauty of Gift Cards and Taco T-Shirts

Gift cards and t-shirts are two of the best gifts to give; they are easy, affordable, and customizable. Backyard Taco offers tons of gift cards and taco t-shirt options for you to choose from when buying a gift for your taco-loving or taco-enthusiast friends. Now is an ideal time to stock up on gift cards to use in gift exchanges or as stocking stuffers. Many local businesses also organize holiday giveaways on their social media during this season, and a Backyard Taco gift card or t-shirt makes for great prizes.

Affordable and Local Arizona Gift Ideas

Arizona is a unique state with tons of things that are special to the desert Backyard Taco calls home. A truly great gift from the region can help your gift recipients celebrate the place that we call home and honor our community. We celebrate our strong community at Backyard Taco and always want to support those around us.

For example, you could grab a Backyard Taco t-shirt for someone to sport around the community. This affordable gift is a way for them to show their Arizona and Valley-area pride. Another idea is to share your love of good food and give friends and family a little taste of Arizona. Items such as cactus candy or a jar of mouth-watering cactus salsa verde are both unique to Arizona and can be enjoyed year-round.

What Is the Return and Exchange Policy for Backyard Taco Merchandise?

Our return and exchange policies are straightforward. If you have received a t-shirt of an incorrect size and need to exchange it for a different size, just bring in your receipt, and we can take care of that for you. If you need to return the t-shirt for a full refund, bring the original receipt and original form of payment, and we can complete the return and refund.

Is There a Limit on How Many Backyard Taco Gift Cards That Can Be Purchased at a Time?

No, there is no limit to the number of gift cards that can be purchased at a time. The dollar amounts of the gift cards can also be changed if necessary. We recommend purchasing all gift cards in-store to ensure that the dollar amount and gift card information are all correctly loaded on the card.

Celebrate the Holidays With Backyard Taco

Backyard Taco Queen Creek Grand Opening store

Gift-giving can be a fun and excellent way to show your love and appreciation for those in your life. The holiday season is about celebrating with loved ones and coming together to enjoy the end of the year before the new year begins in January. If you’re beginning your holiday shopping, Backyard Taco has tons of awesome options for easy and affordable gifts that can work for every person in your life.

Visit our entire merchandise store online or stop at any Backyard Taco location to shop our fun taco-loving collection. Backyard Taco is happy to be a part of your holiday season and proud to continue to serve our awesome taco-loving community throughout Arizona.