How to get a free taco

How To Get a Free Taco at Backyard Taco

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Learn how to earn yourself a free taco at Backyard Taco and find out more about our great rewards program. Get yourself deals and collect points on orders ASAP!

Calling all taco lovers! Wear your Backyard Taco T-shirt to any of our four locations and earn yourself a free, delicious taco.

They say everything tastes better when it’s free, and from our point of view, that couldn’t be more true. Find out for yourself. Simply dress your best in your Backyard Taco T-shirt and head on down to any of our Arizona locations.

In addition to getting a free taco with your T-shirt, we also offer a lucrative rewards program that earns you a free taco when you download and sign up for our app. Once you have the app, for every 100 points you earn, you can redeem $5 to use on your next order. Plus, when you sign up through the app, make sure to add your birthday for a special gift on your special day. You can even get yourself a taco gratis on your birthday, too!

Where To Buy A Backyard Taco Shirt To Get Your Free Taco

We have been diligently expanding our online merchandise store to make it easier for you to get your hands on some of our sizzling taco T-shirts. The best part? They pull double duty! You can show off your taco T-shirt in our stores or for Taco Tuesday, or you might work them into your clothing rotation. Why limit yourself to only one day for tacos? We certainly wouldn’t want that!

All our T-shirts come in a range of sizes for youths and adults alike. We offer youth sizes from S to L and adult sizes from XS to XXXL. You’ll be happy to know that all of our merchandise is made from 100% cotton – our shirts are so comfortable, you may never take yours off.  Here are some of the classic taco shirts you can buy in our store.

Dia de Tacos
Taco Girl T-Shirt
Fight for Tacos

Celebrate Taco Tuesday with our ultrasoft Dia de los Tacos” T-shirt. Or. let the people know when you’re feeling a bit hangry with our favorite “Will Fight for Tacos” T-shirt. Both of these styles can work with your current wardrobe and will be sure to become your new favorite

Chandler luchadores
Gilbert Luchadores
Queen Creek Luchadores T-Shirt

If you’d like to showcase your community spirit, we’ve got something for you: our Chandler Luchadores and Gilbert Luchadores , Queen Creek Luchadores shirts! Our community is a critical aspect of what we do because we wouldn’t have the success we have without the support of our loyal customers and fellow taco lovers. That’s why we have created designs that pay homage to our communities around Arizona. We look forward to continuing to bring authentic Mazatlán flavors to you! Grab your shirt today and represente!

Keep in mind – if you’re purchasing a shirt for a friend or family member but aren’t sure which one suits them best, we can still help. You can buy them a gift card instead and let them make the decision of which Backyard Taco merchandise they like best! Be sure to let them know that wearing their T-shirt in-store scores them a free taco with their order.

Download the Backyard Taco App and Get Started With the Rewards Program

Download our free Backyard Taco app today to get started on earning and redeeming points to use on future orders at Backyard Taco. Every 100 points is worth $5 towards your next taco order. The app is available on the App Store for those with Apple devices and Google Play for those with Android devices. You can also sign up for our rewards program in-store, so be sure to ask next time you stop by to see us!
Loyalty App

Why Sign Up for Our Loyalty and Rewards Program

Signing up for our loyalty and rewards program is not only a great way to get deals with your orders, but it also allows us to continue to share our authentic Mazatlán flavors with you. Seeing customers throughout the year through the years is one of our favorite aspects of the communities we build in-store. To ensure we can keep sharing Mexican flavors with every morsel we serve and keep seeing your smiling face, it’s important to us to reward you for being a part of our familia.

The major perk of signing up for our loyalty and rewards program is that after ten visits, you’ll be rewarded with a free meal voucher of $5. Enjoy your favorite Backyard Taco dish on us! Our loyalty and rewards program offers an overall sense of community within the Backyard Taco family and serves you some convenience every time you order.

We Want to Give Back to You

Backyard Taco started with just a small backyard taco tradition that has now grown and flourished into something we could not be more proud to be a part of. Our customers are a big part of our success, along with our hardworking staff. As a Backyard Taco family, we have created a space right here in the Valley area where all who love tacos and Mexican food can come together and savor our tasty Mazatlán flavors. As we expand and continue to bring Mexcellence to all of the surrounding areas, we want to ensure we keep that small backyard feeling going for each customer who comes into our stores.
Backyard Tacos

How Backyard Taco Is Different From
Other Mexican Joints

Backyard Taco first opened its doors in 2005 as a small taco and Mexican food restaurant – but it is our roots in the backyard fiesta tradition that truly made our spot unique. As we’ve grown, although we now offer a larger selection of food than ever before and maintain a thriving catering business, our commitment to personalized Mexcellence remains the same.
Our goal has always been to bring authentic Mexican food and culture to our community. In staying true to that, we have continued to keep our recipes and food purely Mexican – you won’t find the stereotypical, Americanized shortcuts here. Instead, all you’ll find is real Mexican food that gives us all the opportunity to share more about Mexican history. A true taco lover knows that a great taco cannot be found just anywhere, but we work to provide amazing tacos every time you eat with us.

Here at Backyard Taco, we’re passionate about the food we make and the cultural connections we can forge with one another while enjoying it. That’s why our mission is to bring the joy of Mazátlan to the streets of Arizona. If you’re hungry for food, community, or history, come on down to your nearest Backyard Taco and enjoy the taste of Mexcellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get a Free Taco at Any Location?

If you wear a Backyard Taco T-shirt to any of our locations across Arizona, you’ll get one free taco. Our locations include Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Mesa South, Mesa East, and Mesa North. The free taco will only be given to those wearing a Backyard Taco brand T-shirt, so be sure to choose your favorite from our merch shop!

Are the Tacos Authentic?

Here at Backyard Taco, we pride ourselves on only serving authentic Mexican food and flavors. Our food is made with the freshest ingredients and prepared with Mexican cooking techniques. From the traditional seasonings to the old-fashioned mesquite-fired grill for our mouth-watering carne asada, we cook everything to perfection the way our ancestors have been doing for generations.

What Does Backyard Taco Offer on the Menu?

We offer a varied selection of Mexican dishes and delicacies. On our menu, you will find tacos, burritos, quesadillas, grilled gorditas, tostadas, and burrito bowls – better known as Bueno Bowls here at Backyard Taco. Each dish comes with the option to choose your protein and toppings, or you can have it served our way. Our tacos come in trios, and you have the option to add rice and beans and make yours a combo.

Is the Backyard Taco App Free To Download? Do I Have To
Pay To Sign Up?

Yes, our app is free to download and use. It is available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded the app, you’ll be eligible for a free taco. Then, after you have signed up with the rewards program and entered your birthday, you will receive a free taco on your birthday each year.

How Do I Earn Points Through the Rewards Program?

You can earn points from every order you place. For every 100 points, you can redeem $5 to put towards your order. This includes orders placed in-store and online.

Do My Points Ever Expire?

The points you collect never expire! We treat them as “cash points,” meaning they don’t lose value over time and can be redeemed whenever you want. They can be used at any time for orders placed in-store or online.

Who Do I Get in Contact With If I Have an Issue
With My Rewards Account?

If you are experiencing an issue with your rewards account, please visit us in-store to speak with an employee. You can also contact us to get in touch with us. We are happy to help you with any issues that arise with your points and rewards.

Need More Info? Visit Your Nearest
Backyard Taco Location

Our rewards program and app setup are fairly simple for a reason – to give you plenty of time to enjoy your free taco. However, if you have any questions about the system, feel free to inquire the next time you visit your favorite Backyard Taco location. You can check your progress via the app, too, so you know precisely when you can expect to receive your free taco.
Backyard Taco
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