All Ordering Options at Backyard Taco

All Ordering Options at Backyard Taco

If you’re in the mood for authentic Mexican flavor at convenient locations for takeout or eat-in, look no further than the Mexcellent variety available for lunch or dinner from Backyard Taco. Our menu is extensive, but there is no need to feel overwhelmed; we are thrilled to provide you with a list of our incredible dishes, from zesty street tacos to creamy horchata, delectable Bueno Bowls to refreshing limonada, and of course, mouth-watering chips and fresh salsa.

Our ordering options at Backyard Taco couldn’t be easier, whether you need a light lunch, a family meal, drive-thru convenience, or a relaxing and authentic Mexican experience inside our restaurant. The next time you are craving some food fashioned with fresh ingredients, authentic toppings and sauces, and meat and vegetables seasoned to perfection, skip the fast-food joint and experience our outstanding dedication to the flavor of Mexico right here in Arizona. Read on to familiarize yourself with our ordering options so you can start enjoying authentic Mexican cuisine just around the corner.

Our Outstanding Ordering Options

However you choose to enjoy the handcrafted, authentic Mexican cuisine from Backyard Taco, we know you will taste the difference when you try our traditionally prepared food. We believe in simplicity and tradition with every dish, and our customers can attest to our quality whether they order through delivery online, take a trip through our drive-thru, or enjoy a leisurely culinary experience onsite in one of our restaurants.

Our delectable dishes come with only authentic toppings prepared with the freshest ingredients and a dedication to Mexican tradition. We guarantee you will taste the difference between the options on our menu versus restaurants and fast-food joints that focus on Americanized versions that lack depth, quality, freshness, and true flavor.

Online Ordering Is Your Call: Carryout or Delivery

Ordering Backyard Taco on your cell phone

Ordering for carryout or delivery is a cinch with our website, and we have multiple locations ready to prepare the Mexican meal of your dreams. Just enter your zip code to find the closest location and rev up your appetite for authentic Mexican taste!

Mi Casa Es Su Casa: Eat-In or Drive-Thru

Eat-In or take-out from Backyard Taco

Immerse yourself in the tastes, scents, and sights of Mexico at each of our Backyard Taco locations. Bring your family for an opportunity to connect and make memories over delicious, authentic cuisine, or gather a group of amigos to share laughs and good times in between bites and sips. Dine inside while our staff serves up mouthwatering food and drinks, or revel in the outside atmosphere on our patio while you devour old favorites, like chips and salsa, or try new dishes, like our mouth-watering gorditas!

Each of our locations, except our very first location in Mesa on University, boasts a convenient drive-thru when you’re on the go and need a Mexican meal that is full of traditional flavor, seasonings, and love. Wherever you are, rest assured there is a Backyard Taco nearby that you can easily access for whatever you crave.

What Should You Order? Meet The Backyard Taco Menu

If you’re ordering out for dinner, especially for a group, consider adding some tacos to your order. This ensures you and any other guests are satisfied and not scrounging for snacks later in the evening. Because of our recipes’ simple, authentic flavors, the meat and seasonings you enjoy will truly satiate instead of confusing your senses with too many mixed ingredients and tastes. Or, if you need a tasty and enticing snack, one or two fresh tacos are the perfect grab-and-go for a bite to get you through your busy day.

Say Hola to Steak, Birria, and Chicken Tacos

Different Types of Backyard Tacos

Nothing compares to authentic tacos made with the freshest ingredients and high-quality spices that enhance the natural flavor of each element rather than overwhelming the senses with one muddled mass of heat or salt. Our tacos can be made to order and filled with your choice of meat and other handmade condiments that bring out the mesquite taste of our grill, such as pico de gallo, salsa to your taste, chopped onion and cabbage, and, of course, our mouth-watering side dishes as a complement to your meal or snack.

Steak, or carne asada, offers your taste buds a delectable mesquite-grilled sensation with simplicity and authentic seasoning at its finest. Fresh and hot, this flavorful dish is complemented with diced red onion and crisp cabbage on a corn or flour tortilla. Depending on your level of hunger, it can serve as a snack to satiate your stomach between meals or can be multiplied into a larger dish.

Birria is traditional Mexican shredded beef that has risen to fame these last few years, thanks to social media. While birria originates from Jalisco and our preparation and recipe techniques are traditional, it has been fascinating to see the explosion of popularity this dish has enjoyed. Our birria is seasoned simply with chili, cumin, and garlic, so its taste satisfies but does not overwhelm, and it hits the spot when you need the essence of Jalisco, Mexico.

Last but not least, pollo tacos are a perennial favorite of our clientele. Moist, juicy, and bursting with fresh Mexican flavor, our pollo on a flour or corn tortilla is complemented by savory salsa, which we offer in mild tatemada, medium jalapeno, or hot. For a simpler, lighter experience, you can ask for crisp, fragrant cilantro and zesty diced red onion for a little kick. Our pollo is marinated in a traditional blend of citrus and achiote seasoning, which combine spice and acidity to bring out the chicken’s mild but flavorful essence. If you want to truly experience the Mexican pollo taco tradition, opt for a simple topping of diced cabbage and red onion, also known as Al pastor.

Family Pack Tacos for the Win

Family Taco Pack

Our Family Pack Tacos are a fantastic way to treat a larger group. With one pound of hot, savory meat of your choice, 16 flour or corn tortillas, and fresh, munchable chips and salsa, your group will be ecstatic to dig right in. Your choice of meats includes carne asada (mesquite grilled steak), birria (shredded beef), and pollo (chicken), with the option of Al pastor.

This feast is perfect for gatherings of all kinds, whether you’re getting together for a special occasion, watching your team win the playoffs, celebrating a family member or friend’s milestone, or even if you just need an excuse to get the gang together again. There’s no way your group won’t be tempted by our crisp, handmade chips and zesty salsa, accompanied by an array of authentic taco fixings that will send their taste buds into instant ecstasy!

Traditionally Tantalizing Burritos

 Carne Asada Burrito

Burritos are the ultimate option when you need something to fill you up and provide you with protein and energy for the rest of the day! Our burritos can be made with carne asada (steak), mesquite grilled to perfection, pollo (chicken), birria (shredded beef), or vegetarian bean and cheese – but the deliciousness doesn’t end there. In addition to our incredible and authentic seasonings, we stuff our burritos with refried beans, pico de gallo, tangy red onion, fresh tomato sauce, and rich guacamole salsa. Everything is added to a tender flour tortilla to make it immediately edible with your hands, but you won’t be alone if you reach for a knife and fork!

Cabbage is a unique yet traditional addition that most fast-food Mexican joints ignore, but its crisp, mild flavor complements the savory, chewy, and sometimes spicy texture of the burrito. Naturally, we can make any substitutions you prefer, whether you like extra meat, salsa on the side, a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of shredded cheese, or a burrito on the simpler side with its inside contents doing the heavy lifting for your appetite.

Enjoying Mexican cuisine when you are trying to cut down on meat is no sacrifice. If you are searching for tasty ways to eat a filling meal, our bean and cheese burrito is just the ticket. Whether you’re completing a Meatless Monday challenge, enjoying a vegetarian lifestyle, exploring ways to cut calories, or just experimenting with meat-free options, our flour tortilla is loaded with delicious, flavorful refried beans and dreamy, melty Monterey Jack cheese. This authentic combination is an incredible meal all in itself, but it can also be leveled up with other condiments like cool sour cream or smooth guacamole. If you need something fulfilling but not too heavy, opt for beans without the cheese and substitute any other toppings and condiments.

Quesadillas Worth Melting For


Melty cheese, toasted tortilla, and juicy, tender meat? Backyard Tacos’ quesadillas are worth melting for with our traditional combination of meat, finely shredded Monterey Jack cheese, chopped cabbage, and tangy, diced red onion. This simplistic yet flavorful combination provides the ultimate compliment for your taste buds and your appetite! If you are craving a warm, savory, smooth, and melty dish, then your only responsibility is to pick the meat of your choice and then decide if you need to level up your quesadilla game with some toppings, like cool sour cream or fresh, tangy salsa. This entree is such a people pleaser that you’ll find yourself ordering it again just to repeat the experience!

Go for the Gold: Gorditas and Tostadas


What could be better than the chewy perfection of a gordita or the rich crunch of a tostada that has been assembled by hand with authentically crafted ingredients and traditional seasonings? Pair this crunch with juicy, flavorful meat and a handmade tortilla, and you have the ultimate snack or meal, depending on your preference,

If you’re wondering exactly what a gordita is, you are not alone. It translates to “little fat one” in Spanish and is perfect for snacking or for the small hands of your own hungry little one. These decadent shells are thicker than traditional tacos and get even more girth from their filling, which can run the gamut from carne asada, pollo, beans, cheese, salsa, or other veggies to your taste.

Tostadas, on the other hand, is akin to a toasted, open-face version of a taco with toppings laid upon a crispy, savory tortilla. Tostadas are traditionally made with corn tortillas for a truly authentic taste and texture. Add toppings and condiments of your choice, and get ready to catapult your taste buds into an immersive Mexican experience. Though many Mexican cuisine experts concur that gorditas and tostadas are equally tasty, it is up to you to decide–and have fun doing it!

Refreshing Aguas Frescas

No meal is complete without a thirst-quenching, refreshing sip of agua fresca whenever you need it. We have three tantalizing options for cold drinks in the Mexican tradition: horchata, limonada, and Jamaica. These drinks are available in small, medium, or large, and they complement all of our dishes with the perfect blend of cool yet mild sweetness.

We also offer Mexican sodas for those who crave carbonation with their dash of sweetness. These sodas are a delightful addition to an authentic, savory meal that simply exudes vibes from south of the border.

Pint-Sized Perfection: Pollo Street Tacos

The Mexican street taco is a sought-after delicacy in many cities, states, and countries, and ours fit the bill perfectly. Our pollo is marinated in a blend of tangy citrus juices and seasoned with traditional Mexican achiote for a zesty and memorable mouth experience. Add a handful of fresh, shredded cabbage and the welcome spice of diced red onion, and your street taco encounter is complete. These delightful morsels are available in your choice of flour or corn tortilla to best suit your craving for authentic street tacos right here in Arizona.

The Bueno Bowl: A Modern Take on Tacos

This deconstructed taco won’t disappoint with its flavor, texture, and Mexican essence all in one dish. Whether you’re in the market for a meat-leaden dish full of juicy, savory pollo, carne asada, or birria or are seeking a lighter, vegetable-laden option, all of our Bueno Bowls come brimming with fresh pinto beans, crisp red onion, and flavorful cilantro.

You can mix and match your condiments and toppings according to your mood, energy level, and hunger, adding rich guacamole salsa, tangy sour cream, fresh pico de gallo, savory red tomato sauce, crisp chopped cabbage, and more to complete your meal. These are truly a dish to satiate hunger with their blend of textures, seasoning, and flavor.

Ready for Some Authentic Mexican Cuisine? Order From Backyard Taco Today!

Get it to go in the Backyard Taco Drive Thru

Whether you’re chomping at the bit for lunch, dinner, or a little pick-me-up, rest assured you can get your hands on the delectable flavors of Backyard Taco onsite in one of our lovely restaurants or with the convenience of carry-out, delivery, or drive-thru! You can even order online with our easy-to-use app and peruse the premium offerings on our menu at your leisure while you make your selections.

You won’t regret placing an order that promises the rich, flavorful cuisine of Mexico right here in AZ! Place an order today to experience all Backyard Taco has to offer in food, drinks, quality, authenticity, and ambiance.