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The Most Liked Items From the Backyard Taco Delivery Menu

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It’s a common problem anytime you open up a delivery app: what should you order from your favorite restaurant? Everything on the menu looks delicious, and you want to choose the absolute best item. If this is something that often happens to you when you’re browsing the delivery menu here at Backyard Taco, we can help.

At Backyard Taco, we know our customers love our authentic flavors and experiencing our Mexcellent environment for themselves – but we also know how convenient delivery apps can be to eliminate the hassle of venturing out and about. That’s why we’ve developed a list of some of our best and most popular items on the delivery menu to help you choose what to have for lunch or dinner the next time you’re craving some authentic Mexican food.

What Are the Best Items on the Backyard Taco Delivery Menu?

While we will go to bat for any item on our menu, we realize that it would be impractical to recommend them all in a single blog post. We’ve narrowed it down to some of the most popular and best-reviewed items on our menu. This way, the next time you search “Backyard Taco Delivery near me,” you’ll have some new favorites to try.

Here are our top-selling items.

Steak Burrito

Carne Asada Burrito

If you’re looking for something that will fill you up and keep you going for the rest of the day, look no further than our steak burrito. By far one of our most popular dishes, our carne asada (steak) burrito comes with our signature carne asada meat that we mesquite grill to perfection with just the right seasonings.

In addition to carne asada, we also stuff this burrito with refried beans, pico de gallo, diced red onion, tomato sauce, and guacamole salsa. We roll everything up in a tender flour tortilla to make it a handheld dish – or you can use a knife and fork if that’s more to your style. If the cabbage seems like it’s an out-of-the-ordinary addition for a burrito, it isn’t! Cabbage is an important part of traditional Mexican cuisine you don’t often find in fast food Mexican joints.

Of course, we can make any substitutions you would like, such as holding a topping or adding extra meat, a side of salsa, or even sour cream, cheese, and more.

Whether you’re a fan of steak, burritos, or both, you’ll want to try our version of the steak burrito. From the mesquite-grilled carne asada to our authentic toppings and recipes, this remains one of our most popular dishes for a reason.

Steak Taco

Carne Asada Taco

Continuing the theme of steak, next come our steak tacos, also featuring carne asada. With our steak tacos, you get our delicious mesquite-grilled carne asada in a smaller package. We keep things simple with our tacos, topping them with some diced red onion and cabbage and serving them on your choice of a corn or flour tortilla.

By keeping things simple and refusing the urges of more Americanized taco restaurants to top our tacos with a bevy of ingredients, we let the meat and seasonings speak for themselves instead of getting lost in several different flavor profiles.

However, adding some salsa to the party never hurts, and we offer five options on the Backyard Taco delivery menu. You can choose a mild tatemada salsa, medium jalapeño salsa, or hot birria salsa. We also offer pico de gallo and guacamole salsa with your taco.

If you want to have a light lunch, you can just order one taco and pair it with a side order like chips and salsa. Or, have a few tacos and create a Mexcellent combo to keep you going through the day. Our tacos are so popular that we’ve received several awards for them over the years.

Birria Taco

Birria Taco

Birria is a traditional recipe from Jalisco, Mexico, that exploded in popularity on social media a few years ago. The increased popular awareness of the dish has led to many imitations and recipes to make it at home. While we love the creativity of items like birria ramen and birria pizza, we follow the traditional Mexican techniques while preparing our birria tacos and aim to bring the tastes of Jalisco to Arizona.

You may be surprised to learn that birria is actually a meat stew where the star of the show – typically beef, lamb, or goat – gets a chance to absorb the wonderful seasoning added to the liquid, known as consomé. You’ll find the flavor of chili and spices in birria, and it should have a nice deep red color when finished. Traditional birria spices include garlic, cloves, and cumin to give the dish a warm and earthy taste.

We load the birria meat (shredded beef) on either a corn or flour tortilla and top it with some diced red onion and cilantro. We know cilantro isn’t palatable for everyone, so you can ask us to leave it off if you desire. You can choose any of our salsas to go with the taco, but this dish can stand on its own – especially if you’re able to dip it in some extra consomé.

If you’re ordering out for dinner, consider adding a few extra tacos to your cart. Don’t forget to include some flan as a dessert to create a filling meal that won’t have you reaching for a midnight snack.

Chips and Salsa

The Best Chips and Salsa in Arizona

What Mexican meal is complete without chips and salsa? You can order this delectable pairing as a side dish for any of our meals. Or, if you just want a quick snack for delivery, order it on its own to enjoy with an Arizona Cardinals game. We make our salsa fresh every day – you won’t find a salsa recipe that’s this delicious and flavorful at other, less-authentic restaurants.

Chicken Taco

Chicken Taco

Of course, beef is a popular meat this side of the border, but pollo (chicken) is another star in Mexican cuisine – including our delivery menu. We marinate our chicken with a blend of citrus and achiote seasonings. This adds a delicious mix of spice and acidity that highlights the natural flavor of the chicken.

Much like our other tacos, we top our chicken tacos with diced cabbage and red onion. As with all our tacos, we serve this popular combination on your choice of a corn or flour tortilla.

Bean and Cheese Burrito

Bean and Cheese Burrito

Mexican restaurants are very popular with those looking to cut down on meat, as they are typically a good place to find vegetarian options. We are no exception and offer a few delicious ways to eat a filling meal free from meat. Our bean and cheese burrito is perfect for anyone, whether you’re completing a Meatless Monday challenge, living a vegetarian lifestyle, looking to cut back on calories for a meal, or simply just loving the flavorful pairing as it is.

We load up a flour tortilla with our delicious and authentic refried beans and melted Monterey Jack cheese. Together, it makes for a tasty combination to add to another item or to stand on its own as your entree. If you want to up the flavor, consider adding some of our sour cream to the dish to add a tangy profile to your meal. Or, if you want to make the burrito less filling, consider ordering it without cheese.

Al Pastor Taco

Al Pastor Taco

Traditionally, Al pastor is an authentic Mexican preparation of meat that focuses on maximum flavor. We marinate our pork in a combination of pineapple, chili, spices, garlic, and cloves to create a warm but not too spicy meat. It’s a succulent filling for our tacos, pairing the sweetness of the pineapple with the heat from the chili.

Our al pastor tacos come with diced cabbage and red onion, and you can choose if you’d like it on a corn or flour tortilla. We can also add some shredded cheese on top for a small additional cost to give the dish some extra flavor and dimension.

Chips and Beans

chips and beans

Chips and beans are a simple dish that works on so many levels. You can get an order of chips and beans to split with someone else as an appetizer, order it as a side dish for your main entree, or you can just order it as a light meal if you aren’t too hungry. No matter when and how you like your chips and beans, we pack plenty of flavor in and give you something worth enjoying.

We serve our fresh corn tortilla chips with refried beans and Monterey Jack cheese. The cheese will melt into the beans while your food is delivered, so you’ll have a gooey and rich dip for your chips. It’s a classic comfort food and well worth grabbing from our delivery menu.

Steak Quesadilla

Steak Quesadilla

Quesadillas provide a delicious mixture of meat and cheese, all wrapped up in a well-toasted flour tortilla. All the ingredients get to mingle with the cheese, as it acts as a binding agent for the entire dish.

Our steak quesadillas combine our carne asada meat with shredded Monterey Jack cheese, diced cabbage, and diced red onion. It’s a simple combination of ingredients, but each one complements the others. Add some salsa and sour cream to take this entree to the next level.

Aguas Frescas

Fanta drinks

It wouldn’t be a Mexican restaurant with options for agua fresca on the menu. We offer three varieties: Horchata, Limonada, and Jamaica. You can order any of these drinks in small, medium, or large, and they pair perfectly with any of our entrees.

If you’re not in the mood for agua fresca, you can try our selection of Mexican sodas, ready for delivery to give you a taste of soda south of the border.

What Makes Backyard Taco Delivery and Dining So Special?

Whether you are enjoying our delivery options or are dining in at one of our Arizona locations, we believe you will taste the difference when you try our authentic Mexican food. Whereas many other restaurants try to innovate and add new spins on the taco, we believe in simplicity and tradition. Try our food, and you’ll see how sometimes the simple things in life are the best.

Our tacos, burritos, and quesadillas come with only authentic toppings prepared with love and fresh ingredients. We guarantee you will taste the difference between our food and that of other more Americanized restaurants serving Tex-Mex food.

While we are sticklers about authentic flavors and preparations, we are also passionate about making sure people from all walks of life can enjoy our food. We created the Bueno Bowl as a lower-carb option for patrons who want to enjoy our meats and authentic toppings without as many carbs. We also cater to vegetarians with a few of our other signature dishes: the Crazy Potato, also known as the Papa Loco, as well as our many bean and cheese selections.

If you ever feel unsure about an ingredient or want to make a substitution, just ask us! We will do what we can to accommodate you. We can substitute a topping for our refried beans, sour cream, or cheese or add one of our delicious salsas to complement our authentic Mexican flavors.

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