Celebrating Father’s Day With Tacos

Celebrating Father’s Day With Tacos

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Father’s Day comes around once a year, bringing you a chance to show your dad how much you love and appreciate him. If your dad is like ours and you feel like you’ve gifted everything under the sun, you’re probably asking what to give dad for Father’s Day. Well, we have some ideas for you!

Instead of going with a classic barbecue set or dinner reservation, why not celebrate your favorite guy with fresh tacos, delicious sides, or even taco merch? Let’s learn a little more about Father’s Day in the US and Mexico, and share some ideas for the day.

Where Did Father’s Day Come From?

Father’s Day owes its inception to a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd, whose widowed father raised his six children alone in Spokane, Washington, who started advocating for a holiday equivalent to Mother’s Day for fathers in 1909. With the support of local churches, the YMCA, shopkeepers, and government officials, she gained traction for her cause. Her efforts paid off when Washington State celebrated the nation’s first statewide Father’s Day on June 19, 1910.

A second version of the origins of Father’s Day claims the idea began on July 5, 1908, in Fairmont, West Virginia, by a woman named Grace Golden Clayton, who suggested that fathers be celebrated during church services to her local Methodist minister. She thought of this idea after a local mining accident killed 361 men in West Virginia in December 1907.

The Father’s Day movement received recognition from President Woodrow Wilson in 1916. Wilson signaled the unfurling of a flag in Spokane via telegraph signals from Washington, DC. In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge encouraged state governments to observe Father’s Day.

By 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson had signed a presidential proclamation that declared the third Sunday of June to be the national celebration of Father’s Day. Six years later, in 1972, President Richard Nixon made Father’s Day a permanent national holiday to be celebrated annually on the third Sunday of June.

Does Mexico Have Father ‘s Day? El Día del Padre

Does Mexico Have Father 's Day?

There are several countries that share the United States tradition of celebrating Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June, including Mexico. To celebrate, Mexican children often buy gifts for their fathers and grandfathers alongside homemade cards. There is also a traditional, famous 13-mile half-marathon in Mexico City called the Carrera Día del Padre 21K Bosque de Tlalpan, where the most popular event is the father/son race.

As with most Mexican celebrations, there is a focus on family and Mexican food. Many families grill up meat or take everyone to Dad’s favorite restaurant. We suggest blending the US and Mexican celebrations this year – get Dad some authentic tacos and taco-adjacent gifts from his favorite restaurant (Backyard Taco).

Why Tacos?

Tacos make a great gift for just about anyone. For starters, tacos are incredibly versatile and can be made with a wide variety of ingredients. At Backyard Taco, we offer a choice of four different taco proteins: steak, chicken, shredded beef, and pork, along with flavorful pinto beans. When you consider the fact that our tacos can be served in either a flour or corn tortilla and topped with diced red onion, cilantro, diced red cabbage, red tomato sauce, or a combination of these, you get one of the most customizable dishes on the planet.

Here’s more about tacos and why we consider them the best Father’s Day gift option on the planet. Learn about some new menu items to accompany your tacos, as well.

Cultural Significance of Tacos

Tacos are deeply interwoven into the fabric of Mexican celebrations and culture. Preparing and sharing tacos is a cultural act that strengthens community bonds and tradition, whether you’re assembling them at a taco bar, passing around platters of toppings, or hitting up your favorite authentic Mexican joint. The act of creating and sharing fosters connections among families and friends. Tacos are not just food but a catalyst for unity and the celebration of important events.

Backyard Tacos

Representing the rich culinary heritage of Mexico with roots dating back centuries, tacos also symbolize Mexican identity. They embody the spirit of Mexican cuisine characterized by vibrant colors, bold flavors, and fresh ingredients. Mexico’s regional diversity is reflected in how many varieties of tacos there are – Baja California is renowned for fish tacos, al pastor tacos come from Central Mexico, and Northern Mexico features grilled meats like carne asada tacos.

Choosing to celebrate Father’s Day with tacos not only honors Dad’s love for this iconic dish but also pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of tacos. The best part? You can find many varieties of authentic tacos right here at Backyard Taco.

Taco-Related Gift Ideas for Your Father

Although our first love is cooking and sharing delicious, authentic tacos, we’ve also come to appreciate what we’ve come to call Taco Culture – you don’t have to be of Mexican heritage yourself to show off your love of tacos. If your dad loves tacos, he’ll love these taco-related gifts, too.

Show Off His Love of Backyard Taco

At Backyard Taco, we take pride in our delicious tacos and love seeing our customers show their support by sporting our custom merchandise! With seven designs to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect gift that reflects your dad’s love for tacos.

Chandler luchadores

Chandler Luchadores

Calling all local Chander taco-eaters – this is the shirt for you. Let everyone in the Chandler area know where Dad’s favorite lunchtime meal can be found: Backyard Tacos!


Gilbert Luchadores

Gilbert Luchadores

If Dad’s a Gilbert taco-lover, you will need this location-specific t-shirt showing his local taco support.


Mesa Luchadores

Mesa area residents, grab a Mesa Luchadores shirt to show Dad’s support for the greater Mesa area, whether he hails from the North, South, or East side.


Queen Creek Luchadores T-Shirt

Queen Creek Luchadores

Queen Creek locals, this is Dad’s ideal luchador shirt. Show his Queen Creek friends where the best taco spot in town is by representing Backyard Taco with this shirt!


Dia de Tacos

Dia De Tacos

With this shirt, every day is Taco Day! By playing on the theme of the Day of the Dead, this humorous taco t-shirt is sure to make everyone laugh this Father’s Day.


Taco Girl T-Shirt

Taco Girl

The fiercest person in the cantina is the one wearing this depiction of La Catrina, who is showcasing her undying devotion to our delicious tacos.


Fight for Tacos

Will Fight for Tacos

Does your dad often get ‘hangry’ for tacos? This shirt is perfect to represent his personality.


Backyard Taco Gift Card

Backyard Taco Gift Card

If your father is a taco enthusiast or you can’t see him this year, a Backyard Taco gift card could be a perfect gift. This will provide him the opportunity to visit any of our locations and savor authentic Mexican cuisine whenever he wishes. You can’t go wrong with a gift card to his favorite restaurant!

Taco-Themed Celebration Ideas for Your Father

If you decide that a taco-themed day is more up your dad’s alley than a gift or gift card, our team at Backyard Taco can provide food and other assistance to make your celebration successful. Here are some helpful suggestions for how you can celebrate with Dad.

Six Locations to Celebrate

Celebrating Fathers Day with Tacos

If you plan on bringing your father to one of our six locations, you’re bound to find a restaurant nearby.

Our six locations in Arizona include:

Our Signal Butte location opened last June due to the growing demand for authentic Mexican food in Mesa. This spot has the convenience of a drive-through and a spacious patio to sit and savor those tacos with your father this June.

Please keep in mind, however, we are closed on Sunday’s. So, please bring dad by on Saturday or Monday to celebrate instead!

Taste Test Our New Menu Items With Dad

Of course, if you venture out to one of our locations, you won’t want to keep things simple. Kick Father’s Day up a notch by making it a combo or adding a special dessert.

“Make It a Combo”

We are now offering the option to upgrade your favorite dish by adding beans and rice, the perfect addition to all of our delicious meals. Just tell us to “make it a combo” at any of our six Backyard Taco locations, and we promise to enhance your meal with the perfect pair and Mexican cuisine staple. Our delicious rice and beans really make this street food a filling meal.

Shake It Up with Shakes and Ice Cream

Whether you’re craving a classic scoop of ice cream or a rich shake, our dessert menu has expanded to include these cold treats. These new desserts are the sweetest thing to compliment our savory tacos and add a sweet touch to your meal. There’s no better way to cool the heat!

Backyard Taco Brought to Your Own Backyard

If you’d rather celebrate Father’s Day at home or at Dad’s favorite location, we can bring Backyard Taco to you! Choose from four main catering options, two of which include our award-winning tacos. It is as simple as placing your order online for delivery or picking it up from any of our six locations.

Mexcellence Taco Bar

Our Mexcellence Taco Bar caters to groups of at least ten, providing four tacos per person. Choose from four types of meat, including chicken, pork, steak, or shredded beef, along with tortillas, toppings, and sides such as chips and salsa and refried beans.

Our other options include individual box meals, a burrito tray, or family packs. Check out our catering page to find out more and decide which option is best for your gathering.

To keep things super simple, you can simply order your favorite items to go and then take them to your Father’s Day spot. At Backyard Taco, we can help fuel your gathering with flavorful, authentic Mexican tacos.

Enhance Your Taco Party

If you’ve decided that Backyard Taco catering is right for your Father’s Day celebration, don’t forget to go all out! Taco parties are relatively easy to organize but are a great way to make memories you and your family will be talking about for years to come.

Festive Decorations

Create a vibrant and festive atmosphere for your family with themed decorations such as colorful banners and tablecloths, string lights and lanterns, and centerpieces. Make sure to get the colors right, and use reds, yellow, orange, lime green, and purple. Alternatively, focus on the colors of the Mexican flag, which are red, green, and white.

Mexican Holidays You Should Know

A little bit of greenery goes a long way, so find some succulents, flowers, or cacti to enhance the yard with vivid florals. You can even make them a little cuter with sombrero decorations.

Add Signature Drinks

If your dad can get behind a tasty beverage, complement the taco bar with refreshing beverages that will quench his thirst. Backyard Taco offers your favorite Mexican drinks like horchata, limonada, agua de jamaica, Mexican coke, Mundet Apple sodas, Topo Chico and Sangria Senorial for options that are both delicious and authentic.

Music and Entertainment

Set a lively mood with mariachi, cumbia, and Latin pop. You could even go all out by hiring a DJ or another form of live music like a mariachi band or other traditional Mexican musicians.

Taste the Difference!

Don’t forget to come up with fun activities such as trivia (with questions about tacos, Mexico, or Father’s Day), bingo, a Piñata, or even just sharing heartwarming stories about dad. Try out some traditional Mexican games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, hot potato, and Mexican kickball.

Add Personalized and Thoughtful Touches

Make dad feel extra special with personalized and thoughtful touches such as displaying photos or memorabilia from past family gatherings, handwritten notes or cards, or even choosing the taco ingredients based on dad’s favorites.

All of these additions can help you create a truly unforgettable taco-themed Father’s Day celebration for your Mexican cuisine-loving dad.

Celebrate the Father and Taco Lover in Your Life This Father’s Day

Celebrate With Great Food

If you have been on the search for Father’s Day gift ideas for your taco-loving dad, we’re here to help make your dad’s special day unforgettable. Whether your dad is a regular at Backyard Taco or he’s an adventurous eater ready to try something new, we pride ourselves in bringing Arizonans the most authentic, high-quality tacos in the state. Let us add delicious flavors to your Father’s Day celebration.

For more information on how our team can help, reach out to us with any menu, merchandise, or catering inquiries.